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Your Guide to Heaven here on Earth

Only Spiritual Truth is said here, NOT OPINION

Heaven Awareness​

Heaven awareness is the finish line of the marathon called Christian walk. When you reach this finish line you will physically be a new person in mind and soul. The way you see other people will change. You will actually love others unconditionally or Agape love people. You will have a spiritual connection with God Almighty like you never thought possible. You will become a meek and mild person enabled to live here on Earth in peace. Life circumstances will not govern you life. Your life will be without stress because of your foundation in Christ. Your teacher will never stop teaching because you communicate with him daily, not just on Sunday. You will know spiritual truth and become a new creation of a human being, I like to call whole. Whole means you have a physical life and a spiritual like. Your spiritual life is the backbone of your physical life, therefore you are whole. You must be born again Christ said. Once you reach Heaven Awareness you will know you are changed into a new person with the mind of Christ. Then when you die you just move into Heaven. This is Current Covenant, the will of God.